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Garlic capsules 250 pcs.
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Garlic capsules

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The wonderful GARLIC

Garlic – a spice or a medicine?

It is difficult to talk about garlic, as it has got so many valuable properties.

It is beneficial from all points of view because it is plentiful in vitamins and minerals.

Garlic is a traditional medication in popular medicine. It played a role even in witch-hunting and this fact proves that our ancestors really believed in its efficiency.

It contains more than 200 kinds of biologically active agents – vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

Main active ingredient of garlic is allicine with a powerful antibiotical effect that is produced from allin contained by the plant and during the digestive process in the system as to the effect of an enzyme, called allinase.

It has been used in peasant medicine for a long time, especially to cure hypertension, obesity or as a rejuvenator.

It normalizes tachycardia, relieves coronary spasms and as a consequence, blood provision of cardiac muscles improves.

Enhances heart capacities, garlic extract inhibits blood-clotting in coronary arteries.

Based on experience, one of the most efficient medications of prevention and cure of arteriosclerosis is garlic.

According to recent research results, it has become obvious that consumption of the plant has got some anticarcinogenous effects.

Eating garlic lowers the risk and occurrence of stomach cancer, colon cancer or epithelioma (carcinoma of the skin).

The advantageous effects of the product are displayed in a way that unpleasant smell caused by penetrating odour of garlic can be avoided, as well as the heartburn caused by raw garlic.

Virus meningitis

Virus meningitis can be a fatal illness even nowadays, because there is no efficient cure or medication to fight it. The best way is if after recognition one starts to use the popular medicine of the garlic immediately. Of course you should consult your family doctor, too.

Lowers cholesterol levels: Garlic not just inhibits deposition of cholesterol or lipids in the blood, but is able to solve the already deposited mass of fats and to lower cholesterol level in the blood. You shouldn't abuse it however, because garlic besides lowering LDL level, may lower HDL level, too, and that might lead to cardiac failure.

Arteriosclerosis that forms in a way that certain substances settle onto the vein-walls, therefore the passage of blood becomes narrower and narrower in the arteries. The narrower the passage is, the higher the blood-pressure becomes and burdens the heart more and more. In the end capillaries get clogged and incidental disorders appear, plus a coronary stricture is formed, then as a consequence, blood provision of the heart will be reduced. More frequent and frequent pericardial pain occurs, then comes the fatal affection, heart-stroke.

Of course one shouldn't wait until the final catastrophe takes place, but take immediate steps to change nutritional habits.

Garlic markedly lowers cholesterol/lipid leves of the blood in just two months of time.

Antibacterial and antivirus:

In olden times when medications were not available, bacterial, virus and mycotic infections, typhus and cholera were cured by garlic, but garlic is efficient in fighting candidasis as well. There are smaller or bigger amounts of yeast plants nearly in every human body, establishing themselves on the mucous membranes and causing inflammations that might become pathogenic, causing several diseases. The best defence is garlic.

Vermicidal: There are few children who do not have any contact with some animals and do not have any stomach-worms. Garlic is efficient to fight that problem, too.

Cleans respiratory ducts.

Garlic is very important in curing respiratory diseases as well, but there are some results in treating asthma, coughs, whooping cough, bronchitis, etc.

In case of digestive disorders.

Garlic does not only play an important role in food preservation, but in digestion as well.

Especially dry meat is more easily digestible with its use.

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