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AloeVera capsules 100 pcs.
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6.4 € / 4 bp
Aloe is a world-wide famous medicinal plant aboriginal in tropical regions.

About 200 species are known, but aloe vera that means „real aloe” in Latin, proved to be the most powerful of all of them.

Its ordinary consumption helps to keep healthy.

It is famous for its antibacterial effect, it helps to fight cancer, has got immunostimulant, antiphlogistic and detoxifying power, used internally promotes general healing. Due to its antibacterial power, it is suitable to treat and stop bacterial infections in the colon and small intestine.

Due to its aloin content it is a natural slimming medium. It is also efficient in case of ulcer, as it reduces production of gastric acid causing it.

Antioxidant active agents of red grape-skin and stones inhibit pathological oxidative processes taking place in the body and leading to chronic diseases.

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