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Amino Lysine capsules 100 pcs.
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18.9 € / 12 bp
Lysine is one of the 20 amino acids found in proteins.

It is an essential amino acid. Daily need of a person is 1-1,5 g.

It promotes formation and preservation of muscles, bones and other tissues, besides it accelerates regeneration processes.

It is well-known for its efficiency in fighting herpes I and II, plus it can be applied successfully in some skin disorders in connection with ageing

Lysine is explicitley efficient in preventing and treating herpes I and II (herpes of the lips, chicken-pox, shingles, etc.), too.

It is beneficial to the state of heart, too, as it prevents deposits of superflual materials onto the vein-walls.

Lysine interferes in the formation of collagen as well, which is important for the state of health of muscles and joints. People lose collagen during the course of ageing and the consequence is wrinkliness. Collagen is important in regards of all connective tissue health, playing a key-role in the growth and regeneration of cartilages, tendons, joints, skin, bones, teeth and many other tissues

Research results support the fact that besides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D intake, lysine plays a similarly important role in preventing and fighting this particular disease. When it is lacking, calcium cannot be built into the bones or teeth.

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