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Amino Arginine capsules 250 pcs.
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Arginine belongs to the group of semi-essential amino acids, that is there is an increased need of arginine for example during the period of growing. Arginine should be supplemented by nutrition.

Arginine interferes in nitrogen-monoxide production which, through its vasodilator effect, is not only a potency-grower medium, but enhances blood-provision, too, improving nutriment and oxygen provision of the organs as well.

Arginine on the other hand stimulates insulin production which is indispensable for building processes of the body.

Arginine positively influences physiological processes of the cells and supports protein-synthesis, immune system and nervous system as well.

It inhibits decompostion of the tissues and helps regeneration of muscles by decomposing by-products deriving from protein-metabolism.

Arginine can be utilized efficiently in the treatment of the following symptoms:

- Cardiovascular diseases

- Concentration problems

- Infertility

- Wounds/injuries

- Hypertension (high blood-pressure)

- Erection problems

- Cystitis

1:1 rate medley of two amino acids, L-arginine an L-lysine stimulates the secretion of somatotrophin (growth hormone) in a natural way in the body. This enhances resistance, accelerates wound-healing and regeneration of tissues, strengthens tendons and ligaments, reduces carbamide levels of the body.

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