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Amino Glutamine capsules 100 pcs.
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18.2 € / 12 bp
Glutamine-L which is considered the „mother” of every amino acid, gained the most popularity recently. It helps to maintain fluid provision of cells inside the cellular membrane, that is grows cellular volume (celluminisation).

Glutamine-L isn't an essential amino acid, but is only essential „on condition” or ”conditionally”. It means, even though we are able to produce it in case of an increased need it should be replaced from an external source.

It is found in bone-tissues, lungs, liver, brain and stomach tissues. Most glutamine-L is stored in the bone-tissues, approximately the 60% of all reserves of the body.

It stimulates the brain. It can bind a big quantity of ammonium that inhibits brain functions. It promotes the development of mental capacities, improves observation skills, reduces mental fatigue. Helps to fight alcoholism, too. Accelerates healing process of ulcers, mitigates tiredness, reduces depression. It might help in case of impotence disorders as well. It accelerates wound healing, strengthens immune system and inhibits formation of side-effects of treatments, like chemotherapy for instance. Supports healing after surgical interventions, trauma or people suffering from cancerous diseases.

60% of amino acids circulating in cells of the skeletal musculature consists of glutamine, so only this one among the 18 kinds of amino acids constitutes the 60% of the muscular tissues. In certain cases, when the body is prone to hard physical work, the reserves may exhaust. Glutamine-L level therefore may lower even by 50%. in such cases supplemental glutamine gained from foodstuffs might be needed. Glutamine concentration of muscle-tissues is influenced by many things. Lesions, stress, starvation all influence it. Therefore glutamine was branded essential occasionally.

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