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Inulion capsules 120 pcs.
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Main ingredients of Inulion capsules consist basically of a Jerusalem artichoke grist.

–15-20% of carbohydrates – this complex carbohydrate occurs in the form of inulin, whose basic component is a simple sugar, called fructose.

–2% of protein

–2,5% of vegetal fibre

–minerals, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

–trace minerals

–vitamins C and B, β carotine (vitamin A)

–essential amino acids

–Besides all this Inulion capsules contain flavonoids, ionized minerals of natural origin,

Who is it recommended to take?


Healthy people: Vitamins, trace minerals, minerals, essential amino acids contained by the capsules help keeping fit, toxins and harmful substances are bound by their fibre content.

Sports people: Vitamins and minerals, plus inulin together with fructose are important substances, as well as phosphorus. Muscle functions are supported synergically by them, muscle power is increased, however fatigability of muscles is decreased, growing performances this way.

Nervous or tense people, the ones suffering from psychological fatigue. The speed of life, stressfulness, the lack of enough movement, malnutrition, the undernurtishment from the points of quantity and quality lead to decreased sensitivity toward insulin and thus, to hyperinsulinism. The permanently higher insulin levels cause blood-sugar decrease which, as a consequence, causes irritability, aggressivity or unstability of the nervous system. The capsules, due to their inulin and fructose contents, are able to reduce the lability of the nervous system, so it is accompanied by a greater insulin level decrease, normalisation and therefore an ease or relaxation of the tension.

In case of chronic, lasting illnesses. Flavin7 as a source of trace minerals, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and do to its inulin and fructose content result in improved cell metabolism, regeneration and protective power of the body is increased by its use.

To people suffering from abdominal conditions, constipation. The capsules are rich in fibres, inulin has got a great binding power and thus, smooths intestinal functioning, stops constipation.

To people who wish to lose weight. Due to its high vegetal fibre content and good water binding capability and also as a ballast material causes a sensation of fullness which in turn decreases the sensation of hunger, intestinal functioning is improved.

People with overweight, the obese ones. A great quantity of free fatty acids that were accumulated during the course of growing corpulent, are released, leading to insulin resistance, hyperinsulinism, increasing the rate of obesity even more. Through the inulin and fructose content of capsules the quantity of free fatty acids is decreased, leading to a decline of insulin secretion that is diminishing hyperinsulinism, resulting in losing weight.

Recommended dosage: 2x2 capsules, or if needed, 2x3 capsules daily.

Put-up: 120 pcs.

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