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Stone-break capsules 100 pcs.
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15 € / 8.4 bp
Vigour, healing power, you should just take them and no more stones!

Reduces the risk of kidney stone formation

Hinders further growth of the already existing calculi.

–Enhances biliation and so might help gall stone passage.

–Mitigates pain/Painkiller effect

There is a small annual plant near the Amazon river which is native in other tropical jungles as well and has been used to purge kidney or gall stones very efficiently in the given regions for a long time.

Chanca piedra (stone-break)

Chanca piedra dates back to ancient times in using it in popular medicine and in all the tropical countries wherever it grows.

Since the 1960-ies Chanca piedra has been catalogued for several phytobiological research activities in order to be able to determine its active ingredients and medical power.

In 1999 during an in vitro clinical study a Chanca piedra extract was shown to have a very strong and powerful calcium-oxalate crystallogene inhibiting effect (the basic material of most kidney-stones).

Its muscle-relaxing and antispasmodic property was registered at the same time.

Research people suppose that a slight muscle slackening inside the urinary channel or the gall-duct facilitates the expulsion of kidney or gall-stones.

More than 100 patients with kidney-stone problems were treated by Dr. Wolfram Wiermann (Nuremberg, Germany), using Chanca piedra, imported from Peru. The plant was found 94% efficient in purging the stones in two weeks of time

In a study of 2002 researchers from India showed that the plant increased bile acid secretion, so it has got a proven bile-secretion promoting property.

Its antihepatotoxic (liver protective) power has been shown by research results.

It was registered that this plant protected rats from liver impairment caused by alcohol and treated with stone-break, the functioning of this vitally important organ was normalized by its use. Liver functions of children treated with stone-breaker went back to normal levels in five days of time, even in case of acute hepatitis.

A third research field stated its pain relieving properties. It turned out that it has got a painkiller power seven times as much as aspirin.

Stone-break is a very rich source of phytochemical substances.

Its special effect is due to its biologically active lignants, glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, ellagitannins and phenylpropanoids which are found in its leaves, stems and roots.

There occur to be lipids, sterins and flavonoids in the plant.

Recommended dosage: 3 x 1 capsule or 3 x 2 capsules daily

As it has got an antispasmodic and muscle-relaxing power, pregnant women cannot use it!