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Tea shower gel 230 ml
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Tea cosmetics

With sun-protecting antioxidant extract of Green Tea , with 84 kinds of minerals.

The most effective active ingredients of green tea are polyphenols and bio-flavonoids. These bind cell-damaging free radicals, slowing down ageing processes of the skin this way.

Natural antioxidants protect the body from harmful free radicals and other oxidizing cellular damages, plus from external UV radiation.

As time goes by, metabolism of the skin gets slower, losing its moisture-content this way, therefore the skin gets gradually thinner. Besides, environmental damages – UV radiation, smog, stress, preservatives, etc., - promote formation of free radicals that decrease the flexibility of the skin. Right nutrition is indispensable to the fast reproduction of skin/epithelial cells. The wrong life style however – harmful impacts of stress, smoking, abused sunbathing, strong ultraviolet radiation – might lead to the too early ageing of the skin. 10-20% of skin ageing is genetical ageing, 80-90% is ageing due to the sun.

Regeneration of the skin

500 million skin cells perish every day. Renewal process takes about 24-28 days.

It has been proved that the greatest damage takes place in the epithelium where damaging impact of sun-rays comes forward much later, very often ten years later or even after longer periods. Not just UVB, short UVA, long UVA rays are classified as dangerous sunrays nowadays, but infrared rays are involved in harmful dermatological processes, too.

Biological reaction of the skin to these harmful impacts is sunburn. 21 days are needed to build up your own self-defence system. Pigmentation (suntan), enhanced melanine production provides protection from skin-redness caused by the sun, but it doesn't protect you from skin ageing. The speciality of this product is provided by a green tea extract, plus minerals and trace minerals.

Tea shower cream

It cleans and refreshes the skin gently, while making it healthy, smooth and velvety soft. It restores and protects natural moisture of the skin, enlivening blood circulation. Inhibits microorganisms exerting their harmful effects. Skin infections, fungal infections, secondary infections of pimples or other infections can be prevented by its use.

Application: massage the required quantity into the skin without diluting it, then rinse it with plenty of water.

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