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Trace Minerals 84M 100ml
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Trace Minerals 84M

Living in a speedy world on cannot take enough natural minerals and trace minerals by nutriotion. Many foodstuffs are poor in minerals. Natural sources are about to exhaust because of exploitation of the soil. Mineral deficiency of the body means that it cannot develop normally and preserve its health. Food cannot be assimilated without minerals and trace minerals. The body needs solved, ionized sea minerals and trace minerals. In case proper alkalic ion level is available in the body, poisonous acids can be easily neutralized. When there isn't enough calcium or other alkalic mineral intake, the body gets the calcium necessary to survival from the bones.

Consuming TM 84M sodium-poor minerals gained from the Great Salt Lake your body can get enough essential minerals not consumed by nutrition.

The benefits of Trace Minerals 84:

- Provides the most important ions, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate and phosphate for the body.

- Helps concentration. Improvement of stamina, vitality.

- Minerals provide a great help in case of any purifying cure.

- Better mental state can be obtained by supplementing minerals.

- Supplementation of minerals results in better effect of any medicinal plant or combination of herbal plants.

- Improvement of effects of vitamins, as they cannot be utilized properly without minerals.

- An excellent support in case of joint problems, too.

- Minerals are important factors of bone and dental density. They play an important role in preventing dental caries.

- Patients reported about positive results in case of allergy.

- The quality and beauty of hair, skin and fingernails can be improved by its influence.

- To relieve menstrual and premenstrual problems, combined with medicinal plants used traditionally to treat female disorders.

- Suitable to prevent migraine type headaches.

-It smoothens and refreshes the skin if poured into the bathing water (2-4 drops) or massaged into wet skin. To replace table salt naturally and excellently. Sodium, contrarily to table salt, does not have any harmful effects on hypertension if combined and taken in balance with other minerals. It offers a more balanced salty taste, compared to table salt, it is much better ant tastes better.

Recommended use

1-3 X 20-30 daily, added to drinks, water, fruit juices, tea, coffee, etc. To prepare food (soups, sauces, gravies, etc.) with.

Put-up: 10 and 100 ml

It provides the most important ions for the human body: sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate and phosphate.

- It helps concentration. Stamina, improvement of general vitality.

- Minerals offer a great help in case of any kind of purifying cure.

- Better mental state of health can be achieved by supplementing minerals.

- The effect of every medicinal plant or herbal combination can be enhanced by the supplementation of minerals.

- Improvement of vitamins, as these cannot be utilized without proper mineral intake.

- An excellent help in case of joint problems.

- Minerals are important factors in building strong and bones and teeth of enough density. They interfere in the prevention of dental caries.

- In case of allergy the ones who consume it report about positive results.

- Hair, skin and nail quality and beauty might be improved to its effect.

- To reduce menstrual and premenstrual disorders, combined with medicinal plants traditionally used in these cases.

- Suitable to prevent migraines, too.

- Putting it into the bath or taking it after bathing a few drops (2-4) of minerals massaged into the skin smoothens and refreshes the skin. An excellent substitute of table salt. Sodium, in balance with other minerals doesn't interfere harmfully in case of hypertension, the way table salt does. Offers a better-balanced salty taste, comparing to common salt it is better and more flavoury.

Recommended application

1-3 X 20-30 drops daily mixed with drinks, water, fruit-soups, tea, coffee, etc.

Put-up: 10 or 100 ml