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Zalma capsules 150 pcs.
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Apple-peel is rich in pectine. Its fruity acid and vitamin contents (A, B1, B2, C, E) are high and more than 20 kinds of minerals are contained by them.

There are many people who are reminded by their health problems or esthetic viewpoints of other people that they should lose some kilos of weight. However it is not that easy. Do not bant!

Apples, being rich in ballast substances and poor in calories (58 kcal/100 g) belong to the foodstuffs that fill you fast, without burdening your body with many calories. APPLES – together with other low calorie meals – might make some superflual kilos disappear.

Ingredients: apple skin (pectin) extract, Jerusalem artichoke grist

Net weight: 150 g

Storage: in a dry and cool place, keep it out of the reach of children

Instructions of use:

Recommended daily consumption: 6-8 capsules

Attention: do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

The food-supplement does not substitute a normal mixed diet!

Nutritional value in 1 g of produce:

Energy: 2,83 KJ (067 kcal)

Protein: 561,81 mg

Carbohydrate: 178,25 mg

Fat: 1,21 mg

In case of a slimming diet it helps losing superflual kilos.