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Red Aloe 500 ml
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The mysterious drink of life and hope

One of the most important ones among plants used by popular medicine. Our body consists of more than 350 kinds of substances, 240 of them are found in Aloe: minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides and biological stimulants.

With great cellular regenerative power.

It has got four main areas of action:

- anti-inflammatory

- fungicidal

- antibiotical and

- regenerative

But these effects can be reduced by the attacks of great amounts of free radicals accumulated in the body of the individual.

Red Aloe contains a bioflavonoid concentrate gained from red peeled fruits and cores. The drink produced this way combines the well-known effects of Flavonoids with those of Aloe Vera. It has got a synergic effect based an mutual support of the two ingredients. Due to their antioxidant power they are extremely efficient in fighting impairments caused by harmful free radicals

Its consumption – besides – is more favourable from the point of pleasure.

Net weight: 500 ml


Aloe Vera and red grapes, blackberry, black cherry, quinsy-berry concentrate, with high polyphenol/flavonoid and vegetal antioxidant content.

Recommended use. 30 ml/day

Nutritional value:

Energy: 48,5 kJ (11,5 kcal)

Protein content: 0,07 g

Carbohydrate content: 0,8 g

Fats: 0,02 g

Total Polyphenol content 110 mg

Flavonoids among the above: 75mg

Alcohol: 0,8 % v/v