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Capusta capsules 150 pcs.
Article number: 189
13.7 € / 11.6 bp
Superflual kilos, wrapped in cabbage leaves

Cabbage + apple-peel (pectin) extract + Jerusalem artichoke grist

Cabbage is rich in valuable nutrients, low in calories and is a savoury plant. Digestion and passing of intestine content is stimulated by its high fibre content, being a strong intestine purifier that neutralizes toxins.

With only 25 kilocalories per 100 grams is absolutely poor in calories. It is a so-called negative-calorie food which needs more energy to be digested than the energy we can obtain from it in the end.

Rich in vitamins, minerals (potassium, calcium, iron) and chlorophyll necessary to haematogenesis. Its vitamin C content covers majority of the daily need of an adult person. 100 g of cabbage juice contains as much vitamin C as a big orange.