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Medicannabis oil 200 ml
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The only oil made of seeds, which does not contain any saturated fatty acids, but consists of nearly 90% of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains 50-60% of linolic acid (omega-6) and 15-20% of alfa-linolenic acid (omega-3). This proportion of components in linolic acid equals to the very quantity of essential fatty acid need to be consumed daily and this composition is unique in occurring normally in nature. Besides linolic acid and alfa-linolic acid, the hempseed oil also contains 2-6% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

About a decade ago researchers discovered some receptors in the brain that cannabinoids exactly fit into, just like the key into the lock. These receptors were demonstrated mainly in the central nervous system and in the elements of the immune system.

In the very centre of recent researches you can find the cannabis-like substances, the so-called „endogeniccannabinoids”. These substances are produceable by the body itself. They constitute a system in the brain , through which brain cells can communicate with each other. They perform a kind of a fine tuning in the nerve intercommunication that is responsible for the memory and learning processes. Natural „cannabis” of the brain is present in moment-quantities, its effect is very little. „Cannabis” produced by the brain is indispensably important to be present to support normal every day thinking. It is a chemical substance that influences the most important physical functions, involving things like movements, thinking processes and cognition.

Why is not illegal using hempseed (Cannabis sativa)?

The cultured hybrid hempseed (Cannabis sativa = „useful hempseed”) does not contain any THC, so does not have a mind modifying psychodelic power, but does have several valuable physiological effects. The product is made of the cultured hempseed species and is compatible with EU regulations.

In what fields can it employ its beneficial power?

–Especially in case of mitigating symptoms of patients suffering from chronic diseases with neurotic pain (from nervous origin), just as sclerosis multiplex.

–To mitigate menstrual spasms (menorrahalgia).

–To moderate symptoms in connection with arthritis.


–Parkinson disease.

–Glaucoma .


–(Rheumatoid arthitis).




–Dystonia (muscle-tone disorder).

–Muscle regeneration after sports performances.

–Treatment of dry skin.

–It lowers cholesterol levels. Efficiently lowers blood-pressure and restores normal blood circulation.

–Enhances functions of organs and immune system.