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Flavin 77 Flavinarium 7x2 sachets
Article number: 248
30.8 € / 21 bp
Flavinarium with its rich vegetal antioxidant spectre is able to prevent harmful effects caused by free radicals!

It is made of 77 sorts of plants, fruits, medicinal herbs, spices, their blossoms, leaves, roots, fruits, crops, cores or seeds. It is a granulate and grist containing active ingredients deriving from the richest sources and of the best composition, to make espresso infusion with.

Content: a mixture of 77 sorts of plants, fruits, medicinal plants and spices, red grape-stones, fructose, an antioxidant extract of red cabbage, red beet, anticyanidin.

Recommended preparation: Pour the content of 1-2 sachets into the filtering pot of well-known presso coffee-maker or so-called „gurgler”, then add 200 ml water and cook it.

High temperature and high pressure are equally needed to make this coction!

Recommended use: 1-2 servings of 200 ml micro emulsion of the above described infusion daily, to be consumed the same day when it is boiled. Flavouring by taste.

The 2 dl/day of infusion provides the richest source of active ingredients ever, plus considering the rentability, keeping quality, it offers the best choices of all!