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Biosa Flora 250ml
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Biosa Flora contains a controlled extract of flavonoids, fermented on an ecologically pure molasses/treacle base lactic acid culture. It contains a special symbiosis of microorganisms normally found in a well-balanced intestinal flora; antioxidants included in it support resistance of the body.

Why are bacteria „useful”?

Their presence inhibits the formation of several diseases (e.g. constipation, certain diarrhoea disorders), besides supporting digestion.

Useful bacteria



Bifid bacteria (the so-called useful bacteria, probiotics)

In breastfed babies majority (95-98%) of intestinal flora consists of useful bacteria. The rate in adult people is just 10%!

Useful bacteria contained by Biosa Flora influence directly on intestinal mucous membranes, so the rest of active ingredients are utilized indirectly and aimedly. Due to its complex active agents, it is a complex immunostrengthener. As it contains flavonoids, its antioxidant power is very significant.

BIOSA FLORA contains fruit-juices of red grapes, blackberries, black cherries, black currant, elder, wild plum and plum, plus the extracts of these and sorghum-seedcoat.

PH values of some body-fluids:

Saliva 4.5 - 7

Blood 7,35

Stomach: 4,5

Urine:5,5 - 6

Flavin 7: 2,8

Biosa flora: 3,5

Recommended use:

20 ml daily.