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Flavin 7 drink 500 ml
Article number: 337
39.3 € / 27 bp
Flavin 7 has been circulated in Hungary since 1998. Sales of more than five hundred thousand products have proved that bioflavonoids and vegetal antioxidants have got an important role in health preservation or restoration of people who are health-conscious. Flavin 7 has changed in its appearance, as shown here, enriched with genuine vegetal constituents during the course of the years, significantly increasing its active agent content. Further development of Flavin 7 has been completed by this. The product will be free of the burden of developments therefore, however offering possibility to be available for even more people in this form. So Flavin 7 will be available in bigger put-ups and at more favourable prices. 500 ml Flavin is ideal for people who need to consume bigger quantities of it and in shorter periods (1 month)