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Genoderma lucidum (Sealing-wax mushroom)

Areas of effects:

- Antiphlogistic

- Lowers cholesterol levels

- With antioxidant power,

- Liver protection,

- Tumour inhibitor,

- Lowers blood sugar levels,

- Eases difficulties of breathing,

- Tranquillizer,

- Painkiller (joints)

- Insomnia,

- Chronic hepatitis,

- Chronic cardiac diseases,

Its active ingredient groups:

- Polysaccharides

(immune system strengthening, mitigation of side-effects of chemotherapy)

- Nucleotides (prevention of thrombosis)

- Amino acids, proteins (mitigation of allergic symptoms, antiphlogistic action, cell-formation),

- Other biologically active agents.

One of the greatest values of Genoderma lucidum (seal-wax mushroom) is its immune system strengthening effect, which, directly or indirectly influences the whole body and its overall health condition. Among others its antitumorous effect is due to it, and it is a science-historical fact for now, as this mushroom was one of the first ones to isolate water-soluble polysaccharides from for the first time.

Research on the effects of this mushroom has been performed with great intensity all over the world. It was already stated in the middle of the 1960-ies that the extract of the mushroom is efficient in fighting flu viruses. It has been proved to be an inhibitor of candidasis and herpes viruses as well. It was demonstrated in clinical studies that as an effect of an extract made of mushroom-powder, blood sugar levels of people suffering diabetes type I. had been reduced after two months of intake, plus it was proved to be equal to insulin doses in regards of its effect.

Its antiphlogistic influence prevails mostly in dermatites of allergic origin, but it inhibits ageing of healthy skin as well. Its liver-protective effects have been demonstrated, too, at the same time it moderates significantly the poisoning effects of nicotine as well.

Biological value of mushroom-proteins excels that of all the other plants and is nearly as much as that of animal proteins. Moreover 17 kinds of amino acids and lots of trace minerals can be demonstrated in this mushroom, especially because of its high selenium content. In regards of its nutritional-physiological properties a very important crude fat content is present in it, with very low calorie values.

Its outstanding active ingredients, hesperidin and neohesperidin, plus components of Flavin strengthen vein-walls, enhance the flexibility of capillaries.