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Relaxetin Forte capsules 60 pcs.
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Relaxetin Forte

Due to its higher active ingredient content it provides help in solving many problems. Hop, sorghum and components of Flavin 7 by themselves found in it represent excellent physiological qualities, together, however they work synergically, supporting and strengthening one another.

:Its active ingredients:

- Humulone and lupulone

- Coline

- Hopamin

- Phytoestrogens

- Flavonoids

Hop is proved to be a good tranquillizer, having relaxing and regenerating properties, but is also used to treat the lack of appetite or in case of stomach disorders and diarrhoea of nervous origin. Hop was used to treat indigestion, or externally as a compact in case of ulcers/sores in popular medicine.

Coline found in sorghum participates in many biological processes. It preserves the integrity of cellular membrane and is involved in basic physiological functions, just as information transfer of cells, their energy provision or intracellular communication.

It is rich in phytoestrogens, vegetal hormones, therefore it may offer help in case of symptoms of the critical age. It plays an important role in reducing the risks of diseases of hormonal origin.

Relaxetin Forte:

- Tranquillizing, stress-reliever and anxiety-reducer properties. To be used in case of depression, lack of appetite or insomnia.

- Its flavonoid content supports resistance of the body and provides help against cell-destroying substances.

- Inhibits deposition of fats inside the liver or that of gall-bladder, protects the liver.

- Enhances utilization of fats in the body, so it helps fat-burning while being on a diet.

- Increases cholesterol utilization, while emulsifying it and encumbering their deposition onto the vein-walls.

-. Supports learning processes and concentration, improves memory.

- Helps certain cognitive functions. It is beneficial in treating and preventing mild types of Alzheimer disease.