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Coral Calcium 250 pcs.
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43.7 € / 30 bp
Coral Calcium

The product is available in put-ups of 10, 100 or 250 pieces.

Chemical analysis of calcium deriving from Sango corals demonstrated that it nearly equals to calcium found in human bones. Most people will be surprised when they hear that corals take up ions via a symbiosis (mutualism) with a certain type of algae. That particular type of microalgae lives in the skeleton of the coral, so it is possible this way for the coral to get the necessary nutrients from the algae. This makes coral a natural source of minerals.

Coral Calcium provides calcium for the body, contributing to the maintenance of bone-volume this way, plus it slows down formation of osteoporosis and maintains a healthy acid-alkaline balance of the body.

1. Calcium intake necessary for the body

Calcium is indispensable to building up bones, plus it is needed to excitation transfer, muscle-contraction and blood-clotting. In young adults' bones incorporation and secretion of calcium is well-balanced. In case of osteoporosis or deossification this balance is overturned and less calcium will be incorporated into the bones than the quantity discharged from it.

Bone substance gets scarcer, „lighter” and as a consequence, their structure will be weakened, becoming more susceptible to fractures. Women usually need bigger quantities of calcium intake than men.

After the critical age oestrogen levels of women are decreased, and so are their calcium levels.

2. Maintaining normal pH values

Extracellular fluid pH values are increased by it and this creates alkaline environments. Alkaliic environment can inhibit mostly tissue lesions, ageing or diseases of organs.