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Flavin 7 200 ml
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Extract of FLAVIN7 fruit juice (drink)

Flavin7 is an extract of fruits which have got excellent physiological effects. It is very rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and vegetal antioxidants that protect the system from destructive free radicals through their radical binding capacity. Due to this, they lower harmful cellular processes, slow down ageing of cells, support utilization of vitamins in the body. Its regular consumption lowers destructive effects of free radicals getting into the body or generated inside the system, protecting the cells this way and providing undisturbed functioning. It has got an outstanding importance in prevention of illnesses. In case of already existing ailments it lowers unpleasant symptoms caused by treatments and supports their curative power.

Recommended dosage:

–In prevention 5 ml daily as a cure for 4-6 months, but can be taken continuously as well. Over 40 it is recommended to take 5 ml twice a day.

–As a complementary therapy: 2 x a day 10-15 ml during or after meals.

Can be added directly to fruit juices, lukewarm tea, drinking water and taken this way. In case of keeping it under your tongue for a few minutes absorption can be accelerated.

Dose the drink by using a dosing cup. Shake it well before use. Keep it in fridge after opening the bottle.


Drink: 200 ml