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Pomegranate extract capsules 250 pcs.
Article number: 423
43.7 € / 30 bp
Pomegranate has been appreciated since millennia in Asia and the Near-East region, from points of spiritual and health as well.

Modern medicine starts to discover it only nowadays as it is a first class antioxidant which is gaining more and more popularity in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Antioxidant active ingredients of pomegranate and grape-stones inhibit harmful oxidative processes in the body, that might lead to chronic diseases otherwise.

Lowers inflammations, inhibits production of enzymes that attack vertebral disks (arthrosis, degradation of joints, osteoarthritis, against degradation of joints)

Reduces risks of prostate disorders of men. Antivermicidal.


gelatine, pomegranate extract, red grape stones and skin extract

one capsule contains:

100 mg of pomegranate extract,

400 mg of red grape-skin and stone extract.