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Quince-apple capsules 150 pcs.
Article number: 427
13.7 € / 11.6 bp
The peel of quince-apples and apples is rich in pectin, fruity acids, with high vitamin content (A, B1, B2, C, E), containing more than 27 kinds of minerals as well.

Curative power of quince-apples is well-known by us. In popular medicine it has been used to treat and prevent several diseases, among them diarrhoea, digestive disorders, enteritis, abdominal pains, constipation, strong menstrual flow, arthritis, etc.

In case the digestive system does not get enough fibres, there is nothing to stimulate peristalsis.

Acidic effect of quince-apples brings into motion the entire digestive system, first of all it helps the stomach to get rid of its content – in the most natural way possible.

Quince-apples do not only stimulate digestion, but heal inflammations as well.

Ingredients: quince-apple fibre and peel, apple-peel (pectin) extracts, Jerusalem artichoke grist

Storage: in a cool and dry place, keep out of the reach of children.

User's guide:

Recommended quantity to consume daily: 6-8 capsule

Attention! Do not exceed recommended daily dosage!

Food-supplements do not substitute a right mixed diet!

There are many people who are warned by some health problems or other people's aesthetic viewpoints that they should lose some kilos of weight. But this is not so easy! Do not bant!

Apple, as a foodstuff rich in ballast materials and poor in calories (58 kcal/100 g) fills fast without burdening the body by many calories. The APPLE – together with other meals put into the diet – will make a few superflual kilos disappear in a short time.

Nutritional value in 1 g of produce:

Energy content: 2,83 Kj (067 kcal)
Protein content: 61,81 mg
Carbohydrate content: 178,25 mg
Fat content: 1,21 mg

In case of a slimming diet it helps to lose superflual kilos.