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Flavin 7 Premium 200 ml
Article number: 48
27.8 € / 21 bp
Flavin7 Premium products have got a high content of polyphenols and flavonoids. Due to their higher qercetine or rutene content, their antioxidant and free radical binding power is greater, and as a consequence, flexibility of veins is grown and resistance of the body is enhanced by it, lowering formation of harmful cellular functioning of the system at the same time.

Polyphenol content: 24,000mg/l

Flavonoid content: 18,000mg/l

A few words about flavonoids:

Photosynthesising plants are very rich in aromatic substances, one of their bigger groups is formed by flavonoids which belong to polyphenol type chemical substances.

Flavonoids are well-known for their important pharmacological and physiological effects that have been proved and several physiological and clinical studies have been carried out, during which further positive effects are being supported.

Among their favourable physiological effects

their liver-protecting, anti-virus, dental caries inhibiting effects can be emphasized,
plus in case of epidermal injuries stimulation of epithelisation .

Flavonoids mainly effect on the digestive and circulatory system.
They bind free radicals, inhibit oxidation of fatty acids in vein-walls, lower LDL cholesterol levels, that is moderate the risk of arteriosclerosis.
Their positive effect on cardiovascular system is excellent, as flexibility of vein-walls is enhanced, cholesterol level is lowered and blood clotting risk is inhibited by them. Their protective power effect against thrombosis is great.