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Stress is one of the main pathogenic factors of our era. Perhaps we don't take it as seriously as we should. We talk about it a lot and, despite one needn't use any special practices, we make little effort to solve it anyhow. Most people only realize it suddenly when their haggard bodies give them several signals to show they should really change something finally.

Stress usually occurs in the body when we cannot manage to support so many tasks, burden or cannot face so many future changes or we are unable to adapt in a convenient rate. The rate of stress of course is in connection with the event provoking or maintaining it, but it depends even in a bigger way on the attitude or ideas about the given situation how we react or go through it.

- Anxiety, inquietude, fears, panic reaction, low spirit, depression.

- Fatigability, dejection, dolefulness, impetuosity, impatience. Forgetfulness, deconcentration, impairment of concentration capability and memory, dazedness.

- Having a lump in one's throat, keep swallowing, sweating, flushes of heat, exudation, tinnitus (head.noises), paleness, flushing, shivering, temperature, puritus (itchiness).

- Sleeping disorders, insomnia, nightmares, strong snorring, bruxomania (grinding of the teeth).

- Muscular pain, spasms, muscular rigidity, tick, shivering.

- Thoracic pressure and tightness, rough breathing, sighing constraint, choking.

- Tachicardia, high heartbeat or arrythmia, dizziness, strong pulse of the blood, thoracic stabbing pain (might radiate into the arms, too)

- Swallowing difficulties, abdominal spasms, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, urge of eating.

- Frequent micturition, reduced potency and libido, menstrual disorders, erection problems.


Relaxation is one of the most effective and natural antidote of stress and stress is the biggest enemy of our health. Based on measurements, 20 minutes of relaxation relieves as much tension as 3-4 hours of sleep!
Besides sleeping and waking state there is a third and very important physiological state: the relaxed state. According to examinations only positive changes take place in the body at such times.

- oxygen provision of organs is significantly improved – among them that of the brain – moreover in a bigger way than during deep sleep,

- metabolism slows down by 18-20%,

- lactic acid content of the blood reduces,

- blood-vessels extend, so blood-provision of the organs improves,

- cholesterol level of the blood lowers or the rate of useful and harmful cholesterols changes favourably,

- endorphine level of blood increases that means higher pain treshold and a pleasant state of mind.

- the brain produces more alpha cerebral waves, moreover synchronized alpha waves which, according to examinations, promote the regeneration of cells.

Relaxation techniques are supposed to quit physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety.

Stress-relieving plants

Several plants can be utilized ordinarily to relieve tension, improve moods or cure unpleasant effects of stress. Most of them can be used in the form of herbal infusions or they can be added to massage oils, bathing water or volatile oils can be poured into aroma.vaporizers. Some of them are even more efficient if applied as drops or capsules because their active agents content is even stronger this way.

- .Lavender: an excellent tension-reliever, tranquillizer, supports good sleep.

- Lemon balm: good relaxant, balances the vegetative nervous system, calms stomach and heart as well.

- St. John's wort: one of the best mood-improvers, antidepressant, especially suitable to treat low spirits or depression during autumn and winter months

- Ginseng: it is well-known as the best stress-reliever plant, improves mental functions, stimulates sexual desire.

- Cat-root: a strong tranquillizer, in bigger doses can be applied as a soporific (sleep-bringing) medium, moderates nervous heart troubles or digestion disorders.

- Passion flower: it makes people more quiet and cool, better-balanced, it is very good in case of insomnia as well.

- .Lime-blossom: a mild tension-reliever, reduces blood-pressure and respiratory symptoms.

- Camomile: it is mainly used as an antiphlogistic, antiinflammatory plant, but immune system is well supported by it, too.

The meaning of OM

„Om” consists of three sounds: "A", "U" and "M". In spite of having three syllables it contains everything. OM is the basic frequency of the Universe, the universal mantra. It represents the divine reality itself. ('syllable'-nak fordítottam, ahogy a szövegben volt, de ez a szó nem három szótagos – M.M.)
It is very popular among people who meditate, as by simply repeating it, it calms down body and mind, recharges the body with new energies, helps to leave the world of senses, increases immersity.

As a universal symbol it exists in a visual form as well – it is the symbol of hinduism. Similarly to the symbol of cross it provides protection from negative impacts for the one who wears it by supporting preservation of harmony of the soul, it is a protective magic symbol.