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Bio+Active Radish-germ capsules 250 pcs.
Article number: 512
18.6 € / 12 bp

The natural antibiotic. It is an excellent agent against the most pertinacious inflammations, too, greatly supported by the high natural antibiotic content.

Content: Mustard-oil glycosides.

-Vitamins (B1, B16).

- Minerals Fe, K, P. .(Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus).

Its effects:

- A natural antibiotic (mustard-oil, glycosides).


- Kills/discharges vermine.

- Antisceptical, inhibits flatulence

- Purifies respiratory ducts and their mucous membranes, relieves bronchitis.

- Diuretic.

- Supports removal of gall-bladder stones, including gall-bladder sand.

Recommended application: 3 X 1-2 capsules daily