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Bio+Active T-Spelt-germ (German wheat-germ) capsules 250 pcs.
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14.6 € / 8 bp
Spelt-germ capsules

Supports nervous system

With a special effect on nervous system support. Nerves are embedded in special fat-pads, the so-called myeline-shieth which helps the transfer of impulses get into the brain. Vegetal fat content of spelt strengthens these fat-pads and at the same time the nervous system as well.

It contains:

-Its protein content is 17-20%, which means a multiple value comparing to ordinary wheat, plus its amino acid composition is excellent.

- Essential fatty acids – it benefits the nervous system.

- Minerals: Fe, Mg, Ca, Co P, Se (iron, magnesium, calcium, cobalt, phosphorus, selenium).

- Vitamins (A, B and E).

- Due to its selenium content, which is 7-8 times higher than that of other cereals. It is important to underline this fact, because it plays an important antioxidant role in prevention of cancerous diseases.

It is recommended to glutene-sensitive people as well because of its different starch and protein composition.

Its effects:

- Strengthens the nervous system.

- According to experiences it supports blood-circulation, enhances blood and oxygen provision of the cells.

- Nourishes and develops muscles in a healthy rate, while providing nutriments of the needs of the system.

- Efficient for instance in fighting Candida infections.

- Beneficial to psychological and physical performance and regeneration of smokers.

Storage: in a dry and cool place. Keep out of the reach of children!

Recommended use: 3 X 1-2 capsules daily.