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Flavin 7+Premium capsules 90 pcs.
Article number: 52
21.6 € / 11.5 bp
With higher Polyphenol and Flavonoid content. Due to their higher quercetine and rutine contents, they have got a stronger antioxidant or radical binding power. As a consequence, they enhance flexibility of vein-walls even more efficiently, enhance the resistance of the body and lower formation of harmful cellular functioning in it. Premium products are available in put-ups of bottles or capsules. All the members of Flavin7 family are recommended to take simultaneously with traditional medical treatments or as supplementary cure to them, as they have not got any harmful interrelation with them. (In case of consumption of Trace Minerals 84M a half hour interval is recommended between taking the two products).

Based on an investigation of the National Sports Health Care Institute, members of the Flavin7 family and Premium products do not contain any substances listed as dopes, so their consumption can be recommended to sports people as well.

Who are the ones we recommend the use of these products?

–People from families with higher risk factors, in case of stronger inclination factors, to prevent cardiovascular or tumour conditions.

–People suffering from tumours, as supplementary cures simultaneously with traditional treatments, to lower unpleasant effects of chemotherapy.

–In case of cardiovascular diseases.

–To toning up immune functions.

–In case of roboration of systems weakened during ailments, as to supplement traditional therapies.

–To the elderly suffering diabetes or to prevent arteriosclerosis or thrombosis.

–To sports people, in order to enhance their immune responses or stamina, to improve their performance without causing any doping effects.

–As a protection from cardiovascular diseases caused by stress.

–In case of higher risks of stress, stressful life standards, symptoms of manager disease or to people imposed to other environmental conditions or smoking habits. Its consumption provides protection from cardiovascular problems, hypertension or formation of cardial infarction.

–In old age, to improve general conditions.

–As a prevention, to provide better life quality.

–To people with allergic conditions, to enhance the functioning of their immune system..

–To improve the effects of vitamins (especially that of vitamin E or C)


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