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Olimpiq StemXCell SL75% 75 pcs. - 75 pcs.
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Stem-cells are able to convert and differentiate into insulin-producing cells in the body.

Insulin facilitates sugar get into the cells, so its concentration in the blood will lower. Blood-sugar level will be altered.

Mutation of stem-cells is influenced by many circumstances. Some substances only cause formation of certain targetted cells.

75% more stem-cells

Adult stem-cells provide regeneration of the body.

Only stem-cells are able to mutate into any other healthy cell.

Complications of consolidated hyperglycaemia and diabetes show that the given organs and cells get damaged.

Their regeneration is reduced.

This is the very state when the body would need more stem-cells.

Diabetes type 1.

It is a type of diabetes ocurring less frequently and forming mainly in infancy or adolescence. It is usuallay caused by an autoimmune processes destroying insulin-producing beta-cells of the pancreas in genetically inclined people. Following this, the patient will only be able to be kept alive by administering insulin injections.

Nowadays approximately 40-50 thousand people live in Hungary suffering from diabetes type 1, 2,600 among them are children under 14.

Diabetes type 2

This is a more frequent type of diabetes, occurring mainly to genetically inclined people, due to their life-style problems. It is mostly caused by overfeeding, the lack of movement, lowered phyisical activities and obesity as a consequence of all this, plus insulin resistency developing following it. As these harmful factors are more and more often met, even in early childhood, it isn't rare to see young people in their twenties with diabetes type 2.

The number of people with diabetes type 2 in Hungary is approximately 500-600 thousand.

Chromium is a trace mineral necessary to normal glucose, insulin, fatty acid and protein metabolism and muscular development. The proper chrome intake, absorption and assimilation is needed to regulate blood-sugar levels, formation and normalization of insulin-sensitivity. When it is lacking, insulin.resistance will take place.

Zinc plays an important role in the treatment of the disease, as insulin is stored in the pancreas by binding to zinc, it is indispensable to its function and essential to wound-healing, which is extremely important in case of diabetic people.

Inulin is a type of polysaccharide (complex sugar) which is found in many plants (e.g. Jerusalem artichoke). In spite of its sweet taste it differs from sugar, as no enzyme is produced in the mouth or in any other stage of the digestive duct that could decompose it. On the other hand it is a water-soluble undigestible substance with prebiotic properties. By influencing favourably intestinal flora it has got blood-sugar-reducing qualities as it makes the decomposition and absorption of carbon hydrates smooth

According to studies Stevia is a promising medication in case of diabetes type 2. It mitigates insulin-dependancy. It supports the functions of the pancreas which has got an outstanding role in producing enzymes with a key-role in carbon hydrate decomposition. It is also determinant in supporting glucose metabolism of the liver. Blood-sugar level is controlled this way in the body.

Goat's rue is well-known in popular medicine as a plant with blood-sugar lowering properties. Its active ingredients are alcaloids, flavonoids, saponine, amara. It stimulates carbon-hydrate metabolism.

Dandelion: stimulates liver and biliary functions and lowers blood-sugar levels. It is important in the prevention of cardiovascular complications or retinopathy caused by diabetes. Its active agents: flavonoids, triterpene, amara, taraxacine, inulin, vitamin D, with significant amounts of vitamins C, A and B in its leaves and saponin in its roots, plus the entire plant contains high amounts of potassium.

Whortleberry leaves: strengthen vein-walls, first of all in capillaries. They are especially useful in treating diabetic retinopathy or maculotrophy (atrophy of the corpus luteus or macula lutea). Based on examinations performed until now it can be stated that significant improvement can be achieved in the retina and inside it the macula which is responsible for sharp sight, by improving circulation. Due to the capillary-improving effect, it is promising in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy because of its regenerating impact on the capillaries of the kidney, parallel to the capillaries of the eyes.

Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in providing energy-economy of the system by its cellular metabolism support. It strengthens regeneration of the tissues at night. It enables people to lose weight without feeling any hunger, the optimal weight can be achieved this way. Moreover it protects muscles and keeps metabolism at the right level.

Active ingredients of Olimpiq SL are natural substances which are undoubtedly important in diabetic people's life quality improvement, by providing well-balanced blood-sugar levels for them. Besides we can achieve protection from complications of both types of diabetes by improving regenerative capabilities of the body and in fighting complications as well.

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