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Cyto Flavin7+ capsules 100 pcs.
Article number: 583
33.1 € / 23 bp
Cyto Flavin7+ is a complex of vegetal flavonoids, enzymes (wheat-germ, broccoli-germ, alfalfa-germ) with outstanding synergical effects.
What should we know about enzymes found in germs?

* They are proteins that enhance the speed of chemical reactions in the body (catalyzing them)
* Three thousand enzymes have been discovered in the human body until now.
* They are involved in 36 millions of biochemical processes in a single minute.
* People possess a certain amount of them, however they should be supplemented afterwards, similarly to vitamins.
* But contrarily to vitamins, enzymes can only be produced by living organisms.
* The best enzyme sources are vegetal germs.