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NattoKinase 250 pcs.
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With the help of Nattokinase Intenzyme formation of circulatory disorders can be fought more naturally, plus we can say good-bye to already formed problems, including arteriosclerosis, hypertension or high cholesterol levels, peripheral circulatory diseases or cardiac deficiency.


Nattochinase enzyme is an extract from an ancient Japanese meal made of soy-beans (Natto). It purifies veins very efficiently, with vasodilator effect, dissolves blood-clots diluting the blood this way, inhibits thrombosis and lowers blood-pressure in a short time up to 11%. It is important in removing cholesterol deposits from the vein-walls.

Fats consumed by nutrition and got into the digestive system are separated into fatty acids and glycerine as to the effect of an enzymatic decomposition. The released fatty acids are energy sources for the skeletal and cardiac muscles. They participate in the metabolism of superflual fats present in the blood.

Their effects:

- It dilutes the blood
- Cholesterol level regulation
- Supports lipid decomposition
- Balances triglyceride levels
- Regulation of essential fatty acid quantities
- Inhibits thrombosis
- Dissolves blood-clots
- Lowers blood-pressure
- Protection from diabetes vein-damages

Flavonoids outstandingly influence the cardiovascular system by inhiiting fatty acid oxidation in the vein-walls. They lower cholesterol levels that are they moderate the risk of arteriosclerosis, enhance elasticity of vein-walls and protect from thrombosis. Stress-induced cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by ordinary flavonoid intake.
Sour cherry-stems enhance cardiac function and their preventive power cannot be refused either in potential infarction formation. Based on the scientific research, it can be efficiently applied in case of reduced performance, cardiac or pericardial anxiety sensation in old age, mild forms of cardiac pulse disorders. Its active ingredients are called. Procyanidines and flavonoids.
Thorn apple is a medicinal plant to mention in connection with improvement of cardiac oxygen balance in the first place. It strengthens somewhat the old and tired, overstrained people with overtired hearts, because it mitigates symptoms like lowered capacities, pericardiac pressure and anxiety or certain forms cardiac impulse disorders
Administration of thorn apples is recommended to prevent cardiac infarction or following it.
Wild plums are utilized in popular medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases. They have been used in ancient times as well. Their bittery fruits lower lipid levels, enhance metabolism and help to lose some weight, they are diuretic and kidney purifying, with kidney-stone removing properties. Wild plum products purify the blood and strengthen the body. The berries have got a significant vitamin C content, 60mg/100g, plus they are especially rich in valuable fruity acids.

Their effects:

- They lower cholesterol levels
- Enhance the elasticity of vein-walls
- Protection of the cardiac muscle
- Improvement of oxygen-provision of the heart
- Diuretic