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Nano Silver 500ml
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Silver has been used for ages as a precious metal. It is indispensable for the human body as a trace mineral, its beneficial effects were utilized by ancient Greeks and Romans, too. Their drinks remained fresh for longer periods when kept in silver cups. The American settlers put silver dollars into the milk, so it did not turn sour for a long time.

Why is it curative to drink colloid silver solution?

Research results demonstrated that it is resistant against nearly 650 kinds of pathogens. It kills them in 6 minutes – published by Science Digest Magazine (1978 / 03.) . Compared to an antibiotic, the latter is the only one capable to kill half dozen organisms in the best case. Useful bacteria settled in the colon are not damaged by colloid silver because it is absorbed in the small intestine

Three kinds of silver can be classified based on their dimensions suitable to utilize externally and internally:

- colloid silver

- nano silver

- silver protein.

These solutions can be prepared by using a special electrical device. Nano silver and colloid silver can be produced in(to) a water medium, while silver protein can be produced in(to) a protein medium. Nano Silver Concentrate is externally suitable to provide the purest antibacterial protection without any side-effects even in hygienically the most critical parts of your living environment. In the garden bacterial or fungal diseases of plants can be treated with it. It can be used to disinfect drinking water, too.

Consumption of good quality silver solution has been proved to be efficient in case of the following diseases for instance:

- Lyme-disease

- pneumonia

- Candida

- conjunctivitis, otits, stomatitis, pharyngitis/laryngitis,

- herpes

- ulcer

-. It can be applied excellently externally on wounds, eczema, itchy skin-rashes, insect bites, warts/verruca, inflammations of the eyes or the skin.

- supports the immune system

- promotes embryonic/fetal development

- bone regeneration

Internal use of silver solution is only recommended as a cure!

No side-effects of the good quality silver solution have ever been experienced! It won't interfere synergically with other medications, it does not influence their effects. Daily use of colloid silver supports and strengthens natural defence system of the body, the immune system, enhances vitality and prolongs life expectancy. To achieve maximum absorption, take it 5-10 minutes before meals. Use the possibility of silver solution offered by nature to be healed or to keep your environment clean.