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Villarosa gel 40 g
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The source of natural hormones

Compared to synthetic hormones, no unpleasant side-effects appear during the use of natural hormones (uterine cancer, thrombosis susceptibility. etc.). On the basis of experiences it can be stated that symptoms generating as a consequence of hormone deficiency will gradually disappear following the administration of natural hormones. Bones and veins regain their lost advantageous properties. Hormones gained from vegetal extracts get absorbed quite well. Natural hormones can be extracted from several plants. The most widely used among them is the application of a progesterone-like substance gained from Wild Yam (Diascoera villosa). The active ingredients can be easily extracted from Wild Yam and good quality, reliable natural hormones can be produced of it containing phytoprogesterone and flavonoids as well.

It regulates menstrual cycles, reduces night sweats. In older women dryness of the vagina is reduced. It harmonizes hormone levels and due to it may inhibit skin disorders appearing during menstrual cycles and based on hormonal imbalances (e.g. enhanced sebaceous gland functioning, pimple formation). Also reduces unpleasant limb oedema, flatulence occurring during menstrual cycles and appearing as a consequence of enhanced fluid retention.

Women experience permanent interaction between oestrogen, progesterone and hormones of the pituary gland during hormonal changes and until their last period, except for the months of pregnancy.

Everybody should know that menopause is not an illness, but a biological condition which takes places as a consequence of hormone level reduction,

The product lowers appetite, so helps to maintain the ideal body mass. Supports sexual activity and is beneficial to fertility. Based on American experience, symptoms of menopause were reduced by 40 %. Moreover triglyceride levels were lowered by it, HDL levels however were increased. Flavonoids, together with vegetal antioxidants slow down the ageing process and enhance flexibility of vein-walls

Massage the prescribed quantity onto the back of hand, the face or a palmful area of the abdomen.

During cycle:

Day 1-6: 0,25 ml (¼ teaspoonful)

Day 7-20: 2 x 0,25 ml (morning – evening)

Day 20-28: 0,5 ml

In case of missing cycle: 0,5 ml a day

Continuous use of the product is recommended.

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