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Relaxetin capsules 60 pcs.
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RELAXETIN capsules are made of a complex of hop, sorghum and fruits of FLAVIN 7. Their flavonoids act synergically supporting each other.

Through its components it has got relaxing mood improving properties, moderates symptoms of anxiety or even depression. Provides help in case of various insomnia problems (falling asleep, sleeping through problems). These pathological states can occur independently, but more frequently as side-effects of serious chronic physical diseases, just as tumorous pathographies.

Ordinary use of the product helps improving the learning process and concentration aptitudes. Recommended to use in case of strong mental overstrain as well.


Its pistilliferous inflorescence ramifications (hop-cone) have been utilized by humans since ancient times in order to cure various ailments and as a tranquillizer. Though it was already known by our forefathers settling in Hungary, its most widespread use can be dated back only to the end of the 19th century.

Contains resinous material (12-22%), tannic substance (4-8%), volatile oil (0,5-2%) and flavonoids. Among resinous materials the most important ones are humulone (4-12%) and lupulone (3-4%).

Humulone and lupulone contained by hop are acrid substances, they are responsible for the tranquillizing properties..

Transformation of acrid substances, just as humulone and lupulone are initiated to decompose in the digestive system. A substance (2-methil-3-butene-2-ol) separates off through an oxidation process. This will be responsible for causing the tranquillizing effect.

HOP as an anxiety releasing agent:

Anxiety symptoms, stressful situations, shift work, concentration disorders.

For ladies to fight physical and psychological hardship during their climacteric period.

Stated by scientific standpoints, hop-cones are able to treat mood disorders, just as restlessness, in quietude or sleeping disorders.


The effectiveness of sorghum has been well-known since ancient times, too.

One of the most important substances of sorghum, called Colin (component of lecithin) is transformed into acetyl Colin during the course of cerebral metabolism. It is an excitation transferring substance, therefore it establishes contact between terminal nerves.

Colin belongs to the vitamin B group, the body is able to produce it as well, and however in case of illnesses or mental overstrain an enhanced need emerges towards it.

Its shortage will cause memory impairment, reduced learning and concentration capacities and irritability.

SORGHUM as means of memory improvement.

Mental capacities and memory are improved by its use.

–Supports learning and concentration capabilities.

–Beneficial in treating slighter forms of Alzheimer disease and in its prevention.

–Flavonoid content of hop and sorghum are significant, but added to the excellent combination of FLAVIN 7, its flavonoids from selected fruit sources, it contributes to the effect of RELAXETIN capsules in a big way, providing in addition the following:


–Slow down the formation of arteriosclerosis (e.g. in cerebral arteries)

–Nerve cell protection, slowing down cerebral deterioration dependant on (old) age.


In case of impairment of sleep, intake of 1-2 capsules half hour before going to bed is recommended. Anxiety conditions, symptoms of depression, in order to supplement medical therapy, 1 capsule daily, in more serious cases 2 capsules a day (1 in the morning, 1 at night) are recommended to be taken as a cure, but the product can be taken continuously, too, by our present knowledge regarding it.

Do not take more than 2-3 capsules a day!

As an important advantage, it can be underlined that RELAXETIN can be administered besides taking other preparations as well.

No addiction problems emerged in connection with its use in case of administering as recommended by Manufacturer.

Available in put-ups of 60 capsules.