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Papain Intenzyme capsules 100 pcs.
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Proteolytic enzyme found in papaya (Carica papaya) is called papain enzyme. Papain promotes digestion more efficiently than pepsin produced by the stomach or pancreatine produced by the pancreas.
It is able to digest thirty-five times as much meat as its own weight. At the same time the system does not damage any of its own proteins.
Its efficiency is not influenced by the chemical reaction of the given intestinal tract, so it enables people suffering from hypoacidity or having too few proteolytic enzymes to have a perfect digestion.

Effects of papain:
� Besides improving digestion, papain contributes to the discharge of amino acids, building stones of proteins.
� It improves the functioning of the immune system as well, promoting the fight against tumorous cells this way. Papain has antiphlogistic properties, too, in cancer cases ingestions of papain worked usefully against the dryness of the mouth. These useful effects make it efficient in complemental treatments of different types of cancer.
� According to certain research it might be efficient against complications of diabetes, because it might decrease the quantity of proteins deposited in the kidneys.
� In another research women who took papain once a week were less sensitive to HPV viruses.
� In a minor research it was published too that papain intake is almost as efficient against pain caused by herpes as medications on prescription.
� Papain and similar proteolytic enzymes decrease inflammations and pains caused by rheumatic arthritis, they promote healing of wounds, decrease tumescences forming as consecuences of lesions.
� Papain enzyme practically cleans intestinal walls and living tissues from devitalized substances and excess phlegm.