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Bromelin Intenzyme capsules 250 pcs.
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Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a plant that belongs to the Bromelia family. The fruit of the pineapple and ist stem contain an enzyme called Bromelin.

Bromelin is a lypoproteic enzyme having also antiphlogisic properties. It is used for various therapeutic purposes since the fifties, ranging from sports lesions to cardiac disorders.

It is generally used: to alliviate smaller wounds and contusions, to promote convalescence after wound healing and surgery, in case of bronchitis in order to decrease the secretion of phlegm or improve the efficiency of chemotherapy.

The effects of bromelin:
- it promotes proteolysis, accelerates regeneration of the muscles.
- performs a probiotic effect, strengthens the protective system of the body, increases the production of immune cell production,
- might lower the risk of the formation of the second cardiac infarction because it helps the aggregation of platelets, dissolves fibrin that is the protein that leads to blood clot formation,
- might promote the efficiency of chemotherapy and might prevent multiplication of cancerous cells. It has been proved that production of anticarcinogenous substances is supported by it,
- it might be efficient in varicose vein treatment. There is little plasmogen activator in the dilatated veins needed to decompose fibrin.
Bromelin has a similar effect and prevents skin from losing its elasticity in the surroundings of varicose veins.
- its antiphlogistic properties have been reported in case of rheumatic arthritis.
- it has been employed as a natural painkiller in osteoarthritis cases.
- significant improvements were experienced following bromelin therapy in case of acute sinusitis, too.
- Bromelin lowers the level of immune-complexes circulating in the body, it is beneficial in case of disorders like sclerosis multiplex.

It has practically no side effects, in some rare cases allergic skin rashes, tachycardia might occur.

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