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Cardio Flavin 7 capsules 90 pcs.
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A complex of vegetal flavonoids, made of cherry and morello stems, plus medicinal plants (hawthorn, wild plums) to improve cardial and circulatory functions.

Flavonoids have an outstandingly positive effect on the cardiovascular system by inhibiting the oxidation of fatty acids in vein-walls. They lower cholesterol levels, as to say moderate the risk of arteriosclerosis, enhance flexibility of vein-walls and provide a protective effect against blood-clotting.

Flavonoids are secondary or metabolism by-products of plants capable of photosynthesis. Flavonoids belong to the group of polyphenol type chemical substances.

Flavonoid content of capsules is a lyophilised concentrate of fruits of FLAVIN7.

Flavonoids effect mainly inside the digestive and circulatory systems and are absorbed in the intestines. The flavonoid type substances bind free radicals and have an antioxidant power.

(Antioxidants are stable molecules that bind unstable oxidants neutralizing them. Oxidants have always been associated with heart diseases or early ageing.

Excellent physiological effects of flavonoids have been proved by several international and national clinical and laboratory examinations.

What should we know about cherry and sour cherry stems?

They improve cardial functions, plus their preventive effects from possible infarctions cannot be refused either.

Its active ingredients, the flavonoids pay an undeniable and important role in performing their main effect. On the basis of scientific standpoint it can be utilized very well in treatments of lowered stamina, to cure pericordial pressure pain or cardiodynia in old age, or as a complementary cure simultaneously with treatments of slighter forms of tachicardiac conditions. No contraindications are known, but of course medical treatment is needed in case symptoms go beyond slight disturbances. It is proved that not even in case of a prolonged consumption are to be expected any side-effects.

–What should we know about Hawthorn?

Hawthorn is a medicinal plant that should be mentioned in connection with correcting cardiac oxygen imbalance on the first place.

It strengthens somewhat the overtired heart, providing extra oxygen and glucose for the cardiac muscle, it regulates heartbeats and through all these, effects calmingly and balancing the former conditions. It helps old and elderly people or the ones living in stressful conditions, overburdening their hearts, because moderates symptoms like lowered stamina, pericardial pressure or pain, like cardiodynia or certain forms of heart-beat imbalances.

As prevention or after already occurred cardiac infarctions, consumption of hawtorn is highly recommended.

What should we know about wild plums?

Wild plums were used in ancient times to treat cardiovascular conditions and are recommended to use them for the same nowadays as well.

Its tartish fruits can be applied because of their fat-lowering, metabolism-enhancing effects, or slight slimming, diuretic or kidney-cleanser action. Wild plum products purify the blood and strengthen the body. The fruits have got a significant vitamin C content. 60 mg/100 g, and they are extremely rich in valuable fruity acids.

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