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Intim Hygiene and Health for Women

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     Half of the world’s population are women. Which means that more than 3 billion people are directly involved in the issue of intim hygiene and sanitary napkins.

     If you used 4-5 pads per day before, than now 1-2 pieces would be enough for you.

     According to the latest WHO study 83% of women suffer from some kind of genital infections, in 62% of the cases, the problems was caused by the not perfectly chosen Sanitary napkin.
     In average it takes 3-6 days for women to recover from these problems, if we count the years from the age of 12, it makes so much time which results in a big pressure on women.

     Crystal Anion is a new generation Sanitary napkin, which has unique absoption and permeable ability. There is an anion strip under the soft cotton layer.

     The anion layer neutralizes bacteria and unpleasant odour, it provides the protection of genitals towards infections. In case of other Sanitary napkins you can reach the same biological purity if you change the pad in every 20 minutes.

     As the pad has permeable ability, it does not cause irritation and provides fresh and dry feeling. The food grade sticky layer allows everyday free motion.
1. What is anion?
Anion strip, as it contacts with liquid, sends out negative ions. These ions help to prevent bacterial multiplication, block the rise of viruses and vaginal infections.

The use of Crystal Anion Sanitary Pads is specially beneficial to use during menstruation, vaginal and urinary tract infections. Thanks for its permeable ability it does not cause irritation and provides clean, dry and fresh feeling.

As a result of these characteristics they can perfectly preserve intim hygiene. Other traditional pads do not have this layer.

2. To whom and when it is offered?
- During menstruation-it heals sympthoms before menstruation
- After operation
- Vaginal and Urinary track infections
- After sexual acts
- After the use of spas and swimming pool
- In case of hemorrhoidal problems
- Urine problems
- Vaginal dryness

3. The advantages of anion pads
- Outstanding absorption ability
- Even on the strongest menstruation days, the use of less pads are enough, while the rate of hygiene is higher
- Permeable
- It does not contain chemical or toxic components

Do take care of your body on those days when it is the most vulnerable!
Use Crystal Anion Sanitary Napkin and Pantyliner!

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Crystal Anion:
         panty liner30 pcs3, 99 EUR
         napkin extra 9 pcs3, 49 EUR
         napkin normal 10 pcs3, 49 EUR